Buies Creek Fire Department

Buies Creek Fire Department Apparatus

Current Apparatus

Engine 821- Reserve

Spartan-EEI Engine  

5 man custom cab

1250 gpm two-stage Hale pump and a 1000 gallon tank. 

2) 200' 1"3/4 preconnects 1) 150' 1"3/4 preconnect 1) 200' 2.5" smooth bore preconnect, 1000' 5" supply hose, 600' of 3" to a gated wye 

Numerous hand tools and 1) chain saw and 1) Rotary 14" saw

Truck features a 3.5 kw generator with 2) 500 watt flood lights. 

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Engine 822

Pierce Enforcer Rescue Pumper  

6 man custom cab with 400 hp Cummins engine,1500 gpm single stage Hale pump and 750 gallon tank  On board 10 kw hydraulic generator with

3) 1000 watt flood lights and 1) 750 watt front flood light. 

The Rescue Engine carries a basic assortment of extrication equipment along with necessary equipment for structural fires, as it responds as the first due on MVAs and gets the operation started until we can arrive on our Rescue Truck. 

This engine continues our rescue-engine concept that we started in 1992 with our old engine 842.

This is the 1st due Engine in district

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Engine 842

Pierce Contender  

6 man cab, with a 425 HP Cummings engine.  1500 gpm single stage Hale pump with 1000 gallons of water and a 30 gallon on-board foam tank. 

Truck features are:  (2) 100ft. preconnected cord reels, 200ft. booster reel

(2) 200ft. 1 3/4 inch speedlay (foam/water), 200ft. 2 1/2 inch speedlay, 100ft. 1 3/4 inch jump line (foam/water), 450ft. 3 inch rear supply hose, 200ft. rear 2 1/2 inch preconnect, 1000 ft. of 5 inch supply hose

Q-Rae 4 gas monitor and Automatic snow chains.

This engine responds 2nd due to all working fires in our area and mutual aid areas.


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Tower 848

Pierce Arrow 105\' Platform  

4 Person custom cab 

500 hp Detroit Diesel

Waterous 1500 gpm 2 stage pump and 200 gallon tank 

on-board generator

177' of ground ladders ranging from 10' to 40'

Numerous saws and fans

Various Truck Company tools

Refurbed in 2007 by Pierce Mfg.

High angle equipment and 600' of Life Safety rope

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Brush 871


Single axle with heavy duty Firestone air bag system.  

The skid unit sports a 300 gallon tank with a 225 GPM pump. Along with a 9,000 lb. removable winch for the front or rear hitch.

Carries a variety of forestry tools such as rakes, shovels, and flappers used to assist in extinguishing woods/ brush fires.

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Rescue 881

Rosenbauer Heavy Rescue on Spartan Force  

6 Man custom cab Rescue Squad

Cummins 380 Horsepower motor

Allison Transmission

Full Compliment of Hurst Extrication Equipment

Onboard 20 kw Smart Power Hydraulic generator

Command Light Knight 2 light tower

Various hand tools for Truck company operations

24' and 14' ground ladders

(6) 6000psi bank on-board cascade with 2 bottle fill station

Water Rescue Equipment 

Spare Air Bottles

Air Bags

Numerous Saws and ventilation fans

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Paramedic Ambulance 851

E450 Wheeled Coach  

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Ambulance 852

Basic Life Support Ambulance 

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Polaris Ranger 6x6 800cc  
  • 100 gallon booster tank with 150 GPM pump
  • 100' of .75" attack hose on a reel and 50' of 1.75" fill hose
  • Patient transport area with stokes basket and back board
  • Misc hand tools for brush fire
  • LED lighting package
  • 3000 lb winch

We would like to thank Campbell University for the cost share in obtaining this apparatus, as it is used for many of the events held on campus each year, along with large woods fires and land searches in the county.

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Past Apparatus

Engine 1 "The Original"


Purchased by the community in 1954, from Camp Lejune Marine Corps. base in Jacksonville, N.C. The engine served for many years. It was our only truck for 3 years until the members could build 2 new engines. This one pictured is a late model GMC cab over. We are not sure on the size of the tank or the pump, nor do we have information as to what year it is. Believed to be a late1940's model.

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Engine 1, 2, 3


The engine on the far left is pictured above.  The 2 on the right are engines that the department purchased and the department had the tanks, pumps, and boxes built.  As with the previous truck we do not have much information on these trucks either. 

If you have any information on any of these trucks, please e-mail; webmaster@buiescreekfire.com.

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Tanker 831


This engine was retired as Tanker 831, it is a 1968 GMC. It had a front mounted 500 gpm pump with a 100' preconnect on each side of the pump. It had a 1000 gallon tank with a rear dump, the Q-siren mounted in the center of the hood was extremely loud. Also it had no break on it and many times you could pull up on-scene and put out the fire, then walk back to the truck and it would still be winding down. The truck was donated to a Chinquapin Fire Department at the North Carolina Coast after Hurricane Fran destroyed some of their equipment from flood waters and winds.

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Engine 825


This engine was the pride of the fleet for many years with many jobs under its belt and a few trophies in the case from competitions. It was a 1976 Ford 750 Series with a 750 gpm front mount pump and a 750 gallon water tank. This truck got a new life in 1992 as it was converted to a service truck. It was sent to Hackney to be stripped down to just a chassis and was rebuilt into what is now 881.The truck had 2 rear pre-connects, 2 front bumper pre-connects, a booster reel, large hosebed and a huge transverse compartment the pump would be if it had a mid-mount pump.

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Old Engine 841


Pictured here is the former Engine 841. It is a 1985 EEI pumper built on a GMC 750 chassis. It featured a 1000 gallon water tank and a 1000 gpm Hale two-stage pump which was the first mid-mount pump ever purchased by BCFD. Up until this point all we knew were front mount pumps, this truck is retired & has served many roles for our department, from 1st out engine to reserve status as a tanker & finally as a reserve engine that became a front line piece of apparatus on all woods fires. The new E-841 arrived on December 1st 2008 & was placed in service on December 8th, 2008. E-841 ran it\'s final call on the morning of December 1st at 05:30 hours, it\'s final assignment was ...

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Pumper/ Tanker 842

  1992 E-one Pumper Tanker

6 man custom cab with a top mount 1500 gpm single stage Hale pump,1500 gallon water tank, and a 50 gallon foam tank. Truck features a 9kw generator, 2 telescopic flood lights, jet dump, collapsible drop tank, and a built in foam inductor. Hose carried included 1) 100' 1 3/4" front jump line, @) 200' 1 3/4" cross lays, 1) 200' 2 1/2" cross lay, 1) pre-connect, 450' of 2 1/2" supply hose, and 1000' of 5" supply hose. 842 was sold to a fire department in GA where it will be as beneficial to that department as she was to us.

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Truck 881


Pictured here is truck 881 a 1976 Ford. This truck has a F-750 chassis with a 1992 Hackney body. It was equipped with an on board cascade system, full command post, multiple lighting fixtures, ground ladders, rehab supplies, fans, SCBAs, cribbing, airbags, salvage and overhaul equipment, saws, boards and stretchers. 881 was given to the Harnett County Dive team so that they could better store their equipment and have an additional apparatus to respond to calls that may occur in the county. This truck was converted to a service truck from the engine 825 in 1992 and has served this dept well.

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Utility 885

  K-30 Chevrolet 4WD Utility

Formerly Brush 875.  Skid unit removed and truck converted to a utility unit.

Carries spare bottles and extrication equipment


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Former Pumper/ Tanker 841

  KME/International Pumper/Tanker

Placed in service on Decmeber 8th, 2008 at 21:30 hours as E-841. 

2 door commercial cab with 1250 gpm single-stage Hale Pump and a 1000 gallon tank. 

100\' 3\" quick connect supply in the bumper, 2)200\' 1 3/4\" crosslays, 1)200\' 1\" booster hose, 600\' of 2 1/2\" supply hose, and 1000\' of 5\" LDH supply hose. 

1) 2100 gal portable tank

Also features both a Federal Q & electronic powercall siren, a rear dump valve & full LED lighting for all emergency lighting. 

The truck was set up for structural firefighting & woods/brush fires.

It\'s primary purpose would be to back-up 821 if OOS, mutual ai...

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Other Known Past Apparatus

1953 Dodge 2000 gallon tanker

1959 Ford 1/2 ton pick-up

1960 Chevy front mount pumper with 500 gpm pump and 950 gallon water tank

Trailer with 5 kw gas generator and 2-2000 watt lights and 1-1000 watt light

1960 Chevy front mount pumper with 500 gpm pump and 1250 gallon water tank

1971 Chevy 1/2 ton 4wd with 150 gpm pump and 200 gallon water tank

(The information listed above was pulled from inventories listed on DOI inspections from 1974 and 1984)

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