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Free Smoke Detectors

Wednesday, March 26, 2014  If you or anyone you happen to know live in Buies Creek and need smoke detectors, give us a call.  We will show up at your house, at a time that best fits your needs, and make sure you have the correct amount of working smoke detectors in your house. 




District 8 Goes Mutual Aid to Coats For Structure Fires

Friday, March 21, 2014   Over the period of only 24 hours District 8 responded mutual aid to Coats on two different working trailer fires!

Friday, March 21,2014 2:39 am.  Early friday morning the pagers were set out for District 8 fire to respond mutual aid with Coats Fire Department on a working structure fire which was a single-wide mobile home with smoke showing in the area of N. Orange Street. Within a matter of a few minutes Engine 842 with a crew of 6, and 800 (Riewestahl) checked en-route to the call. On arrival District 8 crews were assigned to assist District 6 with overhaul and ventilation operations. 842s crew worked for about an hour before being released by District 6 Fire command.

Saturday, March 22,2014 12:03 am. Just after the stroke of midnight on saturday District 8 was requested by Coats-Grove Fire Department to respond along with Benson Fire Department, and Angier Fire Department for tanker support, and manpower at a working structure fire. A crew of 4 on Engine 842, along with 800 (Riewestahl) checked en-route to the scene just moments after the tones dropped. While en-route District 6 command advised all incoming units that the structure on fire was a double-wide trailer with heavy flames showing through the roof. Once on location 842s crew began assisting in a primary search of the residence and also helping with fire attack. After the fire brought under control and overhaul had been performed 842s crew was released by command and were allowed to return to quarters.

Friday,March 21,2014 2:39 am.Trailer Fire with Coats-Grove Fire Department

Friday,March 21,2014 2:39 am.Trailer
      Fire with Coats-Grove Fire Department

Saturday,March 22,2014 12:03 am. 2nd Trailer Fire With Coats-Grove Fire Department. ( Image 1 of 2)

Saturday,March 22,2014 12:03 am. 2nd
      Trailer Fire With Coats-Grove Fire
      Department. ( Image 1 of 2)


Residential Structure Fire in First Due Area

Thursday, March 20, 2014 2:38 pm  Early Thursday afternoon the tones of the pager could be heard dispatching District 8 to a reported structure fire about 2 1/2 miles from the fire station. With multiple volunteers as well as the paid staff hanging around the station at the time it didn't take but only a couple of minutes before Engine 822 was able to check en-route with a full crew ready to work, shortly after 822 had gone out of sight volunteers had staffed Engine 842 and were already checking en-route with communications. 800 (Riewestahl) was first on location and established command and advised all incoming units that this would be a working structure fire involving a single-wide mobile home with smoke showing from all 4 sides of the structure and requested Engine 822 to establish their own water source due to the limited access to the structure. 822s crew after securing a hydrant that required 950 feet of 5 inch to make it to the fire began interior fire attack not long after Engine 842s crew arrived on location and went to work assisting with fire attack. Erwin Fire & Coats Fire were automatically dispatched mutual aid to assist in the incident, also LIllington Fire was specially requested for a RIT Team. District 8 crews made a quick knock down of the fire and this then allowed crews from all departments to begin overhaul and salvage operations before being released by District 8 command. We would like to say Thank You to all departments that responded and assisted on this call last week.



Steady winds keep crews steadily at work

Saturday, March 15, 2014   Saturday started off as a fairly busy day for the volunteers. 0700 hrs crews from Buies Creek were dispatched for a Residential Alarm to Johnson Farm rd. 809 (E.Sorrell) arrived to find a 1.5 story single family nothing showing. Homeowner had started a fire in his fire place and filled his home with smoke. Scene was handled with Engine 822 and Lieutenant Sorrell. 

Around noon the wind picked up and brought along a couple of brush fires. Brush 871 and tanker 841 were dispatched for a outside fire in the area of Leslie Campbell ave and Harmon road. 871 under the command of Lt. Schlieman arrived to find a fast working grass fire with numerous vehicles and structures endangered. The companies on-scene were quickly able to mitigate and stop the spread of the fire to the nearby vehicles and structures. 

While departments on the other side of the county worked to control a 40+ acre woods fire with numerous homes being evacuated. Communications dispatched Buies Creek units for a brush fire on Mamie Upchurch Rd.

Lt. Sorrell (809) arrived to find a large working brush endangering a single family home. With fire advancing to jump the roadway command requested Angier for a engine and brush unit. 871 arrived and quickly contained the flank advancing towards the roadway while command and homeowner knocked down the fire advancing towards the home with hand tools. Tanker 841 arrived and quickly stopped the fire spread on the other northern flank. Angier brush 971 arrived and assisted Buies Creek units with controlling the fire advancing in the field while Engine's 821 and 941 assisted with manpower and raking. Units cleared after work for approx 1 hour.

Near bed time a fire alarm was dispatched for Murray Hall. And once again students burnt popcorn in the microwave setting off the alarm. 

Throughout the weekend crews handled 17 runs. 



1 Car MVA with Pin-In

Friday, March 14, 2014 2:40 am   In the early morning hours District 8 was dispatched to a 1 car MVA with vehicle off into the woods. Moments later communications came back on to advise that Harnett County deputies were on location and reported that there was one occupant in the car who was pinned in with serious injuries. Engine 822 with a crew of 4 checked en-route with Rescue 881 following right behind. 800 (Riewestahl) assumed Marshbanks Street command and assigned both crews stabilizing and extrication assignments, multiple door pops as well as a dash roll were used to gain patent access, once access was made EMS personnel began to provide patient care.  800 contacted communications to dispatch Lillington Fire department for additional manpower and to also set up an LZ for a possible Helicopter transport. Due to such a high speed impact extrication time was extended. The patient was extricated and transported to the nearest hospital, where a Life Flight helicopter met the patient and flown him to the closest level one trauma center. At this time we ask that you keep this person and their family in your thoughts and prayers. Also Thank You to all the people who helped out in every way they could this morning on scene.

Units on scene:

Engine 822, Rescue 881, Ambulance 851, Rescue 781, HC EMS, HCSO, NCSHP.



Change your clocks -- Change your detectors

Sunday, March 9, 2014  New alarm clock so your not late for work -- $20

New batteries so your not late when the power goes out -- $0.73/each

New batteries for your smoke detector so you have a house to use your alarm clock in -- Priceless 

If you haven't done so already, make sure you change the batteries in your smoke and CO detectors EVERY TIME you change your clocks.  Don't let a few dollars and a bad memory ruin what you have spent a lifetime building.  

2 out of every 3 fire related deaths are due to non-working smoke detectors.  If you don't have a smoke detector on every floor and outside of every room in your house, Call Buies Creek Fire Department and we will install brand new detectors, free of charge.  Better to see you for this, instead of the other reason.  



Reported Grass Fire turns out to be Working House Fire in Angier

Wednesday, March 5, 2014  Just before midnight on March 4th, Angier-Black River Fire Department recieved the alarm for a reported grass/woods fire from a caller in a local subdivision that stated she could see fire in the woods across from her house.  After checking the area and running down the glow, it was determined to be a working house fire well off the roadway.  This put a full structure fire assignment on the road, to include Engine 842.  Upon arrival, Engine 842 assisted with manpower and water supply until the early hours of the morning.  The cause of this fire is still under investigation.



Working Fire at the Bojangles

Sunday, March 2, 2014  Around 1100 hours, on a typical Sunday, Lillington Fire Department and Buies Creek EMS received the call for a fire at the Bojangles. Engine 842 responded to the incident as 3rd Due Engine for RIT. While responding, dispatch called back to advise all units, Lillington Police Department was on scene with smoke showing for the rear of the building and the dining area. Lillington Chief 701 (Bethune) arrived and set command, while Lillington Engine 741 was investigation in Division 1. Engine 842 ended up arriving 2nd Due and went to work at the roof division as the fire was found to be inside the ovens and was quickly contained. After clearing the roof division, 842's crew assisted with removing the ovens from the kitchen area and basic overhaul before being cleared by command.



1st Due Working Car Fire

Saturday, March 1, 2014  At 1500 hours, Buies Creek Fire was hit a possible vehicle fire in the area of Gregory Circle and Gregory Circle Ext. Upon arrival, Rescue-Engine 822 found a single vehicle, fully involved, next to a barn. The fire was quickly contained, with Chief Garris 803 as command. The fire was determined to be due to issues within the engine compartment and all units cleared the call within the hour.



Working House Fire -- Erwin

Tuesday, February 25, 2014  Just after midnight, Erwin Fire and EMS arrived on location of a working fire in a two story wood frame home, well off the roadway, with the closest hydrant almost a mile away. Buies Creek Fire was requested by command for a tanker and manpower. Engine 841 and Chief 800 responded to the scene, while Engine 842 covered calls for Buies Creek, Erwin and Dunn during this time.



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