Buies Creek Fire Department


Original Station and Trucks



First Truck


  • Out of a need for fire protection for the area and what was then Campbell College a committee was appointed in the early 1950's to see to it that a fire department was started.  The committee went to Camp Lejune and got an old Marine fire truck. The Buies Creek Volunteer Fire Department was chartered June 20, 1956 even though the department had been fighting fires for about a year.

  • Firemen held many plate sales before the district was established and a vote was held approving a tax levy. That levy was 10 cents per $100 valuation, which it remains today.  The first budget was around $1600.  District lines were drawn around residents supporting the new fire department.  
  • Campbell donated the land for the first fire department building.  The department was built near the old post office on the spot where the Campbell athletic guest house is now located.  The old water tower that was behind the station still exists today. 


Pre-2003 Station

Completed Station

In 1968, the department purchased the land that the station is currently located on for $10,000.  In 1974, the new station was completed.  The station had a meeting room, office, radio room, storage room, 2 double drive through bays and 1 single bay.  In 1992, a double drive through bay was added.  In 2003, a 7,500 square foot addition was completed.  The new addition added a large meeting room, multiple offices, board room, decon/laundry room, storage, 2 bunk rooms and baths, kitchen and 3 single bays.  The old meeting room was converted to a fire fighter's lounge and the old office and radio room were combined to make an exercise  room.

Building Addition during construction 2003

  • In 1989, the department purchased a Hurst tool and began providing extrication services.  Buies Creek became the first fire department in the county to provide emergency medical first responder service, in 1991.   In 1997, Buies Fire Department purchased 2 defibrillators and began running at the EMT-Defib level. 

  • Buies Creek Fire Department made a commitment to lower insurance ratings for its' district.  In 1991, a three year effort was started to get ready for an ISO inspection.  After a lot of hard work by volunteers, the inspection was completed.  When the new rating was released, Buies Creek Fire Department carried a class 5 ISO rating.  This significantly decreased insurance premiums for the citizens.  Buies Creek Fire Department continues to maintain the effort to keep its' rating low.
  • The next big step was to begin providing EMS transport services.  In 1998, an ambulance was purchased, and transport services were offered as a backup to Harnett County EMS.  In 1999, the Harnett County EMS system was overhauled to provide paramedic services to all citizens in the county.  The paramedics respond on quick response vehicles along with an ambulance from a rescue squad.  Buies Creek became a primary transport agency and purchased a second ambulance.  
  • In the mid 1990's, call volume was increasing and placing a burden on the all volunteer staff.  With the major increase in call volume due to EMS responses, it was determined that supplemental staffing was needed.  In 1999,  a paid staff was hired to cover the daytime hours when volunteers are at work or class.  This original paid staff consisted of just 1 full time & 1 part time person from 6 am - 6 pm.  Now 15 years later we operate with 4 full time members, but have increased to a total of 12 part time staff w/ 3-4 of them working during the day hours of 6 am - 6 pm.  The volunteers still cover 2nd duty EMS runs during the day as well as respond on fire calls.  

  • In 2004, Buies Creek Fire Department purchased its first ladder truck from the Town of Cary.  It was a 1987 Pierce Arrow 105' Platform.This is 1 of only 2 ladders in the county.  In 2007, the ladder was sent  to Pierce for a refurb and was placed back in service in 2008. 

  • In 2011 we hired our first 24 hour shift personnel. They are dedicated to the ambulance and supplemented with a paramedic provided by Harnett County EMS.

  • 2012 brought about some changes in our operations. A 2012 Rosenbauer Heavy Rescue was purchased to provide better services to our community and neighbors. Currently the Rescue Squad runs all MVA's as well as all structure fires in district and mutual aid. 

  • Buies Creek Fire Department continues to strive to be pro-active and provide the highest level of service to its citizens with a ever changing community.