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  • We currently have no full time vacancies. 

  • We continuously accept part time applications.  Read information below.

  • We are always looking dedicated volunteers. Click here for more info on volunteering.


At Buies Creek Fire & Rescue, we staff our department with three personnel 24/7.  This consists of one full time employee and two part time employees, two volunteers or a combination.  These positions are broken into 12 hours shifts creating two day time, and two night time shifts that are filled by our volunteers or part time staff.  Part time employees are compensated at at hourly rate.  Volunteers receive a stipend.  

Volunteers and Part time employees who wish to work on the ambulance must be a minimum of an EMT -Basic. 

Volunteers and Part time employees who wish to work on the fire apparatus must be a minimum of a certified NC Firefighter and EMT-Basic.

We continuously take applications for volunteers to allow you to join if you meet membership requirements. 

If you do not live in our district, but wish to be a part time employee, we continuously take applications for part time employees even if we are not currently filling any positions and will keep them on file for a period of time in the event additional part time employees are needed.  

Convinced to join ... We just need your Application

Download and complete the application below or come by and pick up one in person Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm.  We also train on Thursday nights until 10 pm.  We would love to meet you.  After completing the application, you can turn it in at our department to any of our personnel.  Come be part of the team. 

You can submit the application in person or email to
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