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Join Buies Creek

Volunteer Fire & EMS Opportunities

If you are live in the Buies Creek area or a Campbell University student, we have a place for you in our department. We are always recruiting volunteers to help protect our community.  As a volunteer, you can gain FREE experience, certifications and service opportunities. You can join as a Firefighter only, EMT only or serve in both roles.  We can help you get certified for both.

Minimum Requirements to be a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT:

  • Minimum 18 years of Age to be Firefighter or EMT

  • Age 14 to 17 to be a Junior Firefighter

  • Live within 5 Miles of BCFD

  • Be of Good Moral Character

  • Pass Criminal History Check

The Benefits of Being a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT

Volunteer first responders help their fellow citizens in times of need. Volunteers enjoy a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and pride in the work they do. You’d learn new skills, make new friends, be a part of a team, give back to the community, and make a real difference. Additionally, our volunteers at Buies Creek receive a monetary stipend for call response and duty crew assignments. 

The empty nest recruit

The kids are grown and off to college, but you’re by no means “over the hill” yet. A lot of parents who suddenly find themselves with a lot of free time find meaning in their lives by joining the volunteer department. They’re perfectly happy with the day job they already have, but by giving their time to the community through volunteer firefighting, they find a whole new “post-kid” chapter in their lives. We have opportunities for you to be come a firefighter, engineer, EMT and other support positions.

It’s a great way to make a new city a home

If you are new to our community or a Campbell University student, you can find volunteering as a way to make a tangible commitment to their new neighborhood. Whether it is to meet people from the are, gain service hours to help you with college applications, scholarships, medical school or just to serve your community, we have a place for you.

Full-time firefighter positions can be difficult to get​​​

If you want to be a career firefighter, joining your local volunteer department can be a great way to get some training and experience and make yourself a more desirable candidate the next time they are recruiting at a paid staff department.

10 Reasons to Become a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT

at Buies Creek

  1. To Help Others

  2. To Meet People in Your Community

  3. To Stay in Shape

  4. To Prepare for a Full Time Position

  5. To Work After Retirement

  6. To Find Purpose

  7. To Learn New Skills

  8. To Build Camaraderie

  9. Gain Knowledge & Experience & Service for PA / Medical School 

  10. Orange Firetrucks are the BEST!

Convinced to join ... We just need your Application

Download and complete the application below or come by and pick up one in person Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm.  We also train on Thursday nights until 10 pm.  We would love to meet you.  After completing the application, you can turn it in at our department to any of our personnel.  Come be part of the team. 

Once we receive your application and all the required paperwork that must be submitted with it, you will be invited to attend our next business meeting where you can meet our members and they can get to know you.  Your application will be read and tabled for one month for review.  During that month, you can attend our training and events that we may have at the department to learn more about us.  At the second business meeting, your application will be voted on by the membership.

Do you still have questions?  Let us help you get those answered.  Reach out to us using our contact form.

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